Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some thoughts about venezuelan plastic market

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As I previously said in the blog, the petrochemical business (polymers) is intrinsically linked to the end user consumption.

In order to select the best method or technology to produce any polymer, and market study has to be done to determine the trends of the consumers.

In the middle east for example, an ExxonMobil technology, which has the best cost position and high tonnage its selected.

In india, because some cultural particularities, its a batchwise process because of the numerous (over 100 I think) different grades they have to produce in a single plant.

In the Netherlands the polymers companies needs also to compete beside a cost position, to a differentiation position.

Now, How should a Venezuelan polymer producer company should behave in order to please the domestic market?

The example is the tooth-paste, I was amazed to find in Europe the toothpaste in which the cup have to be completely loosen from the tube in order to get paste out. It was different from Venezuela where everything is linked to an easy-to-open easy-to-close cup.

So the answer to the question is: similar to the US, the venezuelan consumer adopt very easily the packaging preferences of the american consumer.

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