Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pequiven and Petrocasas: some facts and figures

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This is a translation of a previous post.

The Petrocasas' project has always caught my attention. Most people in Venezuela, with some entrepreneurship flame in their hearts, think about building houses. There are around 2,500,000 families without a house simply because they aren´t any available.

The questions I want to answer in this post are:

- How much PVC does the Petrocasa project consumes?
- How much percentage is this consumption compared with total PVC production?

These are the facts:

A Petrocasa factory consumes about 3 tons of material per house.
It can consume around 400 kg/hour of raw materials.
Venezuela produces around 180 mty of PVC

If all Venezuelan PVC production is used to build Petrocasas you can build 60.000 houses.

The project goal is to built 15.000 houses/year, consuming around 30 - 45 mty of PVC. Consequently an 20% of national PVC production!!!.

As an ending note, if PVC production does not increase, the Petrocasas project can be compromised.

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