Monday, January 10, 2011

Pequiven's lost years

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Happy new year 2011!

As a good exercise for this new year, I was reviewing the status of Venezuelan investment.
More than a year ago I've published this table of coming investments in Venezuela, where it shows a 300kta worldclass LDPE plant to be built in Venezuela.
Basic engineering and procurement for this investments were given to the italian company Tecnimont, where it says that commisioning will occur this year 2011.
However no more information of this plant has appeared any more. Not even in Polinter webpage is any clue of this construction, in fact it says that it will be finish in 2014.
The latest news are that Pequiven is still interested in investing in Paraguana refinery complex, again to be due in 2014.
It is a pity that such a good plan for investment launched in the year 2007 will not materialize this year.

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