Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pequiven new investments. Petrocasas

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The latest months have been very quiet. The shadow of a new economic crisis is covering most of the developed economies, and serious doubts about China continuous growth model are arising.

The latests news show that most of the investment (financed by Chinese development fund) are still half way. And no mention to petrochemical plants.

For the Petrocasas proyect, the promise is 20.000 new houses will be available for new year. I will be quite suspicious with this figure, given that the original project target was up to 15.000 houses. Even more, to produce 20.000 houses will require more than 30% of all national PVC production!

Finally to conclude, there are some news about Pequiven expanding its resins production capacity from around 500kta to 2000kta. The catch: new production will be in line in 2016. That is 2 years more than reported 10 months ago...

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